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Textar OEM Quality Brake Pads

Textar was originally founded in 1913 as a sales company and the brand name stands for high quality, optimum safety, and braking comfort. Textar has been making fine quality brakes and friction products for over 100 years. More OEMs build their new cars and light trucks with Textar OEM brake pads, so you know that you can count on the high quality, reliability and performance of Textar’s aftermarket brake pads. Textar makes their aftermarket brake pads in the same facility and on the same equipment as their OEM brake pads, using many of the same components, including noise fix solutions and backing plates. This results in OEM quality ensuring excellent fit and performance at a better then dealer price.

Textar Brake Pad Formulations for Your Car.

Textar makes over 1400 different styles of brake pads, providing coverage for close to 100 percent of automobile models. Textar certifies its brake pads to exceed the requirements of ECE R 90, the European standard for brake pads.

By engineering brake pads to the specific braking requirements of each vehicle, Textar ensures that you never have to compromise on braking performance. The friction material on Textar brake pads is vehicle specific, the powder-coated lacquered back plate meets OEM strength requirements, and the under layer provides optimal thermal specifications. The layers are bonded together using a special adhesive that optimizes the bond between layers for safety and performance when you need braking power. Vehicle specific shims and chamfered back plate edges help with fit and even the spring clips are brake system specific. You don’t sacrifice quality, fit or performance when you select Textar brake pads.

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