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Denso Oil Filter

DENSO Corporation is a global manufacturer of automotive components based in Aichi, Japan.

After becoming an independent firm from Toyota Motors, it was initially established by Nippon Denson Co. Ltd.

Which was the 25% shares remain owned by Toyota, despite being just a part of the big company, it contributed a large part of Toyota sales.

In 2016, Denso was listed as the fourth largest auto parts supplier in the world.

Among the popular auto parts marketed by the firm, their filters are also recognized and is chosen by most of the end user because of its high quality and durability.

Denso oil filter has a lot product advantages to offer with, check on the listed below:

  • To protect engines efficiently, a special filter paper was used
  • To prevent rough starts caused by oil draining uses silicon anti-drain back
  • Employed with pre-lubricated molded O-ring
  • Installed with heavy-duty steel case
  • Unique torque design to prevent leaking

DENSO First Time Fit® oil filters are one among the premier oil filter brand supplied in the market.

To check out more about Denso oil filter brand, you can click on the link below.

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Comline Oil Filter

COMLINE Auto Parts started to operate in manufacturing business later that 1991. It is an independent British supplier for comprehensive ranges of popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications.

A comprehensive product range of the company is available in different category such as Filtration, Braking, Steering and Suspension, Transmission, Hydraulics, Accessories, Engine and Cooling and Lubricants.

The firm is capable to manufacture a total of 8,500 part numbers which includes their COMLINE oil filter brands.

COMLINE has received significant and international awards over their successful operating periods.

A well-established named for over 20 years in oil filters category has been created by COMLINE.

Premium quality COMLINE oil filters can be expected from the company. Some of the advantages and benefits that this oil filters brand is:

  • Available in ranges for popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications
  • Traditional” spin on filters” is still offered
  • Environmentally paper-based ECO options
  • Undergo 100% pressure tested guaranteed performance and reliability.

This high quality oil filters manufactured by COMLINE can be accessed directly to the company website pages.

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VALEO Oil Filter

Valeo humble beginning was started in 1923 in a small workshop Saint-Quen, located outside Paris. For more than 90 years in the business, they had been one of the world’s leading automotive supplier in 33 different countries.

The company first named was Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo (SAFF) which was established by Eugene Buisson, the French representative of Ferodo Brake Linings.

The company huge success has led them to acquire SOFICA (Société de Fabrication Industrielle de Chauffage et d’Aération) which specialized in heating and air conditioning. It continued to expand with the large number of continous acquisitions in 1970 they also take over SEV Marchal. Another different product line activity.

In 1974, the group sets up thermal system. Which makes the company to operate in different product business areas.

After it’s shareholder’s meeting, a decision was made final to change to unite its brand and change its name into Valeo which means “I am well” in Latin.

Which until today is used in different products it offered including oil filters.

Valeo oil filters is packaged in a light green color boxes.

These are the advantages that you can expect from Valeo oil filters:

  • Meet and exceed user’s highest possible filtration standards
  • Designed to eliminate as small as 40 microns (40µm)
  • Offered in a broad ranges of major car applications
  • With a total of 179 part numbers oil filter category for Passenger cars and LCV top sales in Europe

Incredibly, Valeo oil filters has a lot to offer. To check on the latest update about this oil filter, you can log on their official company website.

The company has prepared websites applicable to customer’s languages for an easy accessed.


  • Valeo Filters Official Site
  • Valeo Passenger Oil Filters Product Pages

Kavo Oil Filter

André van Leeuwen is the founder behind the successful Kavo Parts company. It was 1985 when he saw the opportunity for importing filters from Japan for Asian cars applications.

Within his small garage, typewriter and a telephone he became an international player in the world of automotive industry. Which clearly is considered a legend.

The company named was KAVO B.V. and sell concept and brands under Kavo Parts.

AMC FILTERS® is the brand of Kavo Parts for the complete line of filters. This filters are imported from Asia and first sold to Netherlands. Since the brand registration, their foundation to work with an OEM manufacturer is guaranteed.

Except for guaranteed OEM quality, an extensive range to more than 1700 references for both Japanese and Korean cars is ensured.

AMC oil filter as a part of Kavo Parts filter lines offered:

  • Guaranteed OEM quality filters
  • A perfect fit precision production
  • A vast range applicable for Asian cars
  • Also available in latest vehicle models
  • Installed with heavy quality metal for protection
  • Uses high quality filter paper material

An extensive AMC oil filters is discussed in the Kavo Parts company website. The following links below is helpful for your further research.


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