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Back in 2001, Sebro, a company of only 30 employees based in the Middle Neckar region, of Germany decided to focus on modernization. Heavy financial investments were made and new and innovative practices were combined with their impressive experience. Within a handful of years, they became one of the stronger manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket.

Sebro Coated Brake Rotors

Sebro is known for all things brakes, with an emphasis placed on quality brake discs. The brake discs of a vehicle have to deal with more stress than almost any other part, including a harsh combination of mechanical and thermal wear. Because of this, the disc has to be of high quality in order to keep all of the passengers safe. For years, Sebro’s high quality parts have found their way to BMW and Porsche, two manufacturers that the company counts as some of their most important and high profile customers.

To ensure their parts are of the highest quality, Sebro employs advanced testing, and has employees researching new methods for designing parts. Those who select Sebro’s aftermarket parts know they’re getting good quality at a competitive price. As the company grows stronger, expect their share of the automotive aftermarket to increase, and their product to improve even further.

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