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Founded in 1921, Nissens has an extensive history of designing and manufacturing a vast array of radiators and various other climate control related products. Thanks to their experience in both the automotive and industrial applications, Nissens has become one of the leaders when it comes to thermal solutions. An innovation in one field often leads to an innovation in another, and with a diverse portfolio, Nissens is perfectly situated to make innovations in automotive.


Components for Engine Cooling, Climate System and Efficiency & Emissions

Over the years, Nissens has invested significant resources in research on and development of engine cooling and climate system components for the automotive segment. More than 95 years of thermal know-how and manufacturing experience mean that we are able to meet the needs for comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts, while at the same time, being a market educator for technical insight into the systems field.

Global Solutions & Local Presence

With a global setup and 22 sales and distribution centers spread across the globe, Nissens can supply the automotive aftermarket on a global scale, with solutions adapted to local market requirements.

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