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The original parts used by Mercedes Benz to build your car are available as replacement parts under the “Genuine Mercedes Benz” brand. Manufactured under the direction of Mercedes Benz, expect excellent quality and a premium price since these parts are exclusively available through the Mercedes Benz Dealership network.

You may not realize this, but the parts that make up your Mercedes-Benz are not necessarily manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. No cause for concern, as Mercedes-Benz designs the part, hires a manufacturer, and ensures its quality to you. In fact, many of these manufacturers have been making parts for Mercedes-Benz for decades. In our industry these manufacturers are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and these are often brands you recognize, including LEMFÖRDER, ZF, Sachs, Bosch, Valeo, Zimmermann, Siemens VDO, Corteco, and more. Don’t be surprised to open that Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts box and find an OEM branded part inside, simply with the addition of a Mercedes-Benz logo.

Genuine Mercedes Parts Vs Aftermarket Mercedes parts:

What’s the difference between Genuine Mercedes Parts and aftermarket? Genuine Mercedes parts are made to exact fitment and quality specifications to the vehicle. Although Aftermarket Mercedes parts may fit the vehicle, they may not be up to the same quality as the Original Mercedes Parts. If you are looking for the highest quality replacement parts for your vehicle, then we recommend using Genuine Mercedes parts.

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