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UFI Group Oil Filter

UFI Group is a world leader in the filtration technology sector and thermal management. It is founded in the year 1971.

UFI FILTERS and SOFIMA FILTERS are the brands of UFI Group dedicated to distribute UFI products in the market.

Both brand of filters has a well-establish name in automotive industry.

Except for automotive industry, the company also serve the wide range of aerospace, marine, industrial and customized hydraulic applications

The UFI’s products including oil filters can be found in broad range of vehicles from Ferrari and other Top F1 teams and European Spacecraft.

UFI oil filters is available in passenger car and heavy duty vehicle applications;

These are the three reason why UFI oil filter has been chosen by 6 out of 7 OE leading manufacturers in the world:

  • Continued use of technology for innovation
  • Proven solutions
  • Technologically advanced products manufactured

The UFI oil filters specifically engineered for heavy duty vehicles is patented with the brand, DURAFILTER®.

UFI oil filters advance product features are the following:

  • Used of latest filtering media in synthetic fibers
  • Reinforced plastic oil filter modules
  • Resilient to high working pressures
  • Employed new ‘green’ modules for environmental impact
  • An aluminum body filters is used in DURAFILTER®

SOFIMA is another dealer brand distributed by the UFI Group business unit that focuses on the independent spare parts.

Because it came from the same source of UFI filters, same quality of brands is expected in each oil filters products.

The SOFIMA catalogue has more than 2,800 parts for automobile such as cars, heavy duty, agricultural and motorbikes. A wide coverage of over 96% of the European car fleet is offered. And can be reach in Europe, China, India, North America, North Africa and in some Middle East area.

  • The SOFIMA oil filters guaranteed features and advantages area are:
  • New oil filtering solutions both in synthetic fibre or cellulose and resin options
  • Keep in lined with the strict Euro 6 regulations
  • Optimum filtering efficiency to prevent clogging
  • Used” green” modules designed
  • Installed in high levels of permeability and thermal-chemical compatibility of filtering elements

To know more about the oil filters brands manufactured and released by UFI Group, check on the link listed below.

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Ford Oil Filter

The Ford Motor Company is a well-known American multinational automaker based on Dearborn, Michigan. Which was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated in the late 1906.

The company main business is to sell automobiles and commercial vehicles under its brand name “Ford” and luxury cars under the” Lincoln Brand “.

Omnicraft oil filters is a brand owned by Ford Motor Company. It is in lined with Ford family parts of brands: Ford, Motorcraft and Omsofimanicraft.

The Ford Motor Company launched the Omnicraft parts brand in 2017. Omnicraft is the first new Ford Customer Service Division brand in 50 years.

Which given oil filter existing businesses threats.

Initially, Ford offer about 1,500 omnicraft parts which includes oil filters, brake pads and rotor, struts, starters and alternators.

Omnicraft oil filters is backed by the Ford company strong name which guaranteed high quality and durability.

The following Omnicraft oil filter product advantages are expected from Ford oil filter brand:

  • Offered a vast vehicle coverage from one source
  • Availability for most non-Ford and Lincoln vehicles
  • Precised manufactured components for long service life
  • Optimum performance achieves in all-weather condition type
  • Approved and backed by Ford Company
  • 93% coverage vehicles on the road in United States
  • Uses a 96% efficiency at standard 20 microns

Omnicraft oil filters specification can be accessed on the official page. Refer to the link below to know more.

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EMGO Oil Filter

EMGO International, Ltd., is a global supplier that focuses on high quality aftermarket power sports. The company had been operating in Taiwan since 1967.

EMGO product brands has been sold in more than 38 countries as of today and continuously expanding in every year.

EMGO is a company in the motorsports business (motorcycles, ATC, scooters). But for over 50 years in the business operation, EMGO expanded their product line and offer various type of filters that fits OE vehicle manufacturers.

EMGO oil filters product specifications are:

  • Guaranteed OEM specs standards oil filters
  • Specifically designed premium micron filters for racers
  • Options available with or without 17mm
  • On/off socket canister features

To get to know more about EMGO oil filters, an updated catalog for 2019 is offered in their official websites.

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ACDelco Duramax Oil Filter

AcDelco is known to be the OEM manufacturer of General Motors. A wide range of AcDelco parts appear in more than 2M vehicles produced by GM each year.

The firm has more than a total of 90,000 auto parts across the 37 product lines. AcDelco, together with GM is continuously to be one of the leading global automotive parts and other related services company to market around the world.

With more than 100 years of expertise, AcDelco best solution in making the best oil filter brands is successfully developed.

In fact, the most popular oil filters are the AcDelco Duramax oil filters, which was used in GM family for trucks.

Unique product features in each AcDelco oil filters type are offered in different categories:

  • Professional Cartridge Oil Filters
  • Professional Oil Filters
  • Professional E Oil Filters
  • Professional Classic Design Oil Filters
  • Specialty Ultra-Guard Oil Filters

Each of this type is has its own specific unique engineering designed. The following general features is found in AcDelco oil filter brands.

Installed thermoplastic end discs are constructed of 100% recycled material

Equipped with 98% multi-pass filtering efficiency

Range of 25-30 microns for excellent filtering capability

Has a cellulose media which 1/3 has the width of that of the human hair?

Designed to withstand 5x greater force than most engine operating pressures.

To view on the AcDelco oil filter brands, the link listed below will direct you to their official website pages.


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