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Purolator Oil Filters

The Purolator Filters brand from Purolator Filters LLC is an American manufacturer of oil and air filters located in North Carolina, United States.

Puralator was established in 1923 for the Motor Improvements, incorporated in New York City and later took on the Purolator name as a short form of their filtration process called pure oil filter.

It had acquired Trans Canada Couriers in 1967 and later on sold to Canada Post Corporation. During the year 2006, a joint venture was formed by big manufacturers the Mann+Hummel and Bosch. In 2012, MANN+Hummel bought 50% of Bosch share made them to have the full control of Purolator until today.

Puralators oil filters are offered in a single logo brand PurolatorTECH as their standard product lines which available in both standard and heavy-duty vehicles. They are further offered into 3 different types: PurolatorBOSS®, PurolatorONE and Purolator.

Puralator oil filters generalized advance features is characterized by the latest filtration technology. The following advantages are guaranteed by the company:

  • Made up of premium quality material component
  • Manufactured according to OE manufacturers requirements
  • Guaranteed broad coverage with 96%+ of VIO
  • Employed with rugged internal construction
  • Proven filtration performances for different oil types
  • With anti-drain back valve that protects dry starts
  • Based on ISO 4548-12 at 20 microns on L30001 and PL30001; 25 microns on PBL30001

If you want to know further about each Puralator oil filter types, we’ve compiled their link below.

Quaker State Oil Filter

Shell Oil Company marketed an American brand of motor oil which is now widely recognized in the industry.

This is the Quaker State oil filter brand which is now popular on most of the end users.

Puralator manufactured this well-known oil filter brand and subsequently marketed by Shell Oil Company as Quaker State brand.

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Wix Oil Filter

Wix Filters has been distributing filters for passenger cars together with the variety of heavy machinery and equipment in the market for over 80 years from now.

In 1930, Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw has started in making car filters. After few years, they have been able to patented a thread filter which they called” twist of the wrist “. This thread filter became the standard in the automotive filter sector. From then on, Wix Filters have solutions successfully known in the filter industry.

It was May 2016 when the process incorporating the global brand WIX Filters with the MANN HUMMEL Group was successfully completed. Which then resulted as the world’s largest filtration companies.

Currently, WIX Filters brand portfolio for has a wide range over 16,000 separate automotive products. These filter products are designed for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, machines and equipment. Except for this vehicles, Wix also offer specifically engineered filters applicable for racing cars.

Wix oil filter has widely known among the filters offered by the company.

Wix oil filters are available in two applications: Automotive Products and Heavy-Duty Products.

Wix oil filters product advantages and benefits are the following mention below:

  • With high standard material quality from filter media, valves, spring, housing and other filter elements
  • Match with individual engine or vehicle manufacturers requirements
  • Used modern plastic elements to replace metal parts
  • Develop spin-on oil filter designed
  • Employed a double rolled connection of the cover plate with filter canister withstand

To know more about WIX Filters, you can check out the links to pages included below.

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FILTRON Oil Filter

FILTRON is another filtration brand from the world leader of filtration technology, the MANN+HUMMEL.

The FILTRON filters started in Poland since 1982. The company originated from a 13 square meter surface area of their rented room. Their first filter products were literally made by hand.

The named behind FILTRON came from the Japanese camera manufacturers the NIKON and CANON. Nevertheless, the creator of the name didn’t imagine that FILTRON could give a strong brand.

With the same year, the FILTRON brand became a property of MANN+HUMMEL together with WIX Filters.

Like WIX Filters which has a strong brand name FILTRON Filters continued the brand of the high quality filters.

FILTRON oil filters distinguishes from other brands with the following features:

  • High quality material component from filter media to the least oil filter parts
  • Carried out number of testing for the housing requirements, with guaranteed no leaking features
  • Exact match with the engine and vehicle manufacturer standards
  • Used thoroughly laboratory tested modern plastics

In detailed FILTRON oil filters information is available to the official company website.

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The company Magneti Marelli is an Italian global company founded in 1919. They focus in are of the design and uses advance technology in production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector.

Magneti Marelli has reach a turnover of €8.2B in 2017. With a total of about 44,000 employees, an 85 production units and 15 research and development centers.

The firm has branches in 20 countries as of today which includes: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, India, Malaysia.

For years, they are able to supply the leading car manufacturers in Europe, North and South American and even in Asia.

Magneti Marelli’s operated in business areas such as electronic systems, automotive lighting, powertrain, suspension systems, exhaust systems, motorsport, and the aftermarket parts and Services

The company products are distributed by MOPAR site including Magneti Marelli oil filters. They offer a comprehensive line of filters in the automotive industry and also cover oil filters for racing cars.

Magnetti Marelli oil filters are expected to have the following features and advantages to offer with:

  • High-efficiency media for excellent absorption of foreign contaminants
  • Meet and exceed OE vehicle requirements
  • Tested in accordance with the standardized SAE and ISO test
  • Available in such applications like synthetic and conventional motor oils

The following link to website is listed below to help you to know more about this oil filter brand.

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