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Hengst Oil Filter

Hengst Automotive is founded in the year 1958 headquartered in Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The firm specializes in business areas such as fluid management, the crankcase ventilation systems and filtration systems.

Hengst first introduces the first service-friendly cup oil filters with an automatic draining system and plastic screw cap in 1988. Later on, a filter plant was then established in Berlin.

Followed by the success launching of the environmentally-friendly ENGERGETIC® filter system, which was the first metal-free filter insert. Hengst also acquired several firms such as Champ and Luber-finer trademarks from Luber-finer GmbH and also entered into joint ventures in the next few more years.

Now, the Hengst oil filters has been recognized by OE vehicle manufacturers and direct end users.

They proudly distributed high quality oil filters in the market.

Hengst oil filters guaranteed:

  • Optimum high contaminant retention features
  • Extensive pressure and temperatures resistance
  • Exact precision processing
  • Accurate fit for easy assembly
  • Resistance into pulse

Hengst Energetic® Oil Filter specific features is fully discussed in details in the company official sites.


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Delgrosso Oil Filter

Delgrosso S.R.L are operating in filtering system production business of automotive industry for over 65 years. They we’re recognized as the best supplier in 2009 by Fiat Parts and Service.

Delgrosso is an OEM distributor of most major Italian brands of vehicle and also in partnered with European and Global manufacturers.

The company wide operating in 15,000 square meters’ floor area with 3 specialized production plants. Delgrosso is capable to produces a total of 11M products for a year in 4,000 different designs including their most widely known Clean oil filters.

Delgrosso Clean oil filters started to enter the East European Market in the year 2000. A few years after it affirms its position in the International market.

The Clean oil filters brand by Delgrosso has celebrated its 40 years since it launched distributed in the market.

These are the following product features that can be expected in the Clean oil filters brand:

  • Made up of chosen modern materials and right choice of filtering media
  • Ensured optimum mechanical and thermal durability
  • Guaranteed work to hinder passages of foreign particles
  • Range of choice for spin-on filters and ecological cartridges
  • Meet the constant of level in filtration over time
  • Back by strictest international test
  • Specific analogous in producing clean oil filters for most important car manufacturers

To get to know more about Delgrosso Clean oil filters, you can click on the link to direct you on the company official site.


  • Delgrosso Clean Filters Official Site
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Sogefi Oil Filter

PURFLUX oil filter is the brand manufactured by Sogefi Group.

Sogefi Group has over 35 years of experience in distributing original parts for automotive industry. The company provides broad range of car manufacturers with excellent product design and latest technology in production process. The company operated in three business units: Air and Cooling Business Unit, Filtration Business Unit and Suspensions Business Unit.

Sogefi’s has current total of 42 production sites worldwide. And produces a broad range of filter products in for OE and OE spare markets.

PURFLUX oil filters as the company brand is available for applications such as motorcycles, three-wheelers, cars and heavy duty vehicles-applications.

The PURFLUX oil filters guarantee advance features and benefits such as:

  • Available most extensive oil filter range
  • Optimum filtration performances in all distributed oil filters
  • Spin-on filter or filter-cartridge housing designed
  • With improved compact and lightweight filters designed

Sogefis’ ensure to employed the latest OE technologies in PURFLUX oil filter productions. The list of helpful links is available below.


  • Sogefi Group Official Site
  • Purflux – Sogefi Brand Presentation
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MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland is a German manufacturing company based in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. The company is known to be the global leader and expert in the field of the filtration industry.

Mann Hummel main product activity is the production of premium quality filters that is available for automotive, machinery, heavy and other specialized equipment.

In fact, 90% of the company annual sales around 4B euros is generated from the automotive industry sectors.

Mann Hummel filters are sold under two reputable brands: FILTRON and WIX FILTERS.

Additionally, to their filter’s product portfolio: Mann-Filter and Purolator brands of filters are owned and manage by this large group.

The Mann Hummel oil filters are one among the vast product lines under Mann Hummel filter product portfolio.

Latest oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL meet the highest standards and filter’s separation. The tightness and high endurance of the filters is highly undertaken for the optimum quality performances.

To get to know about MANN HUMMEL Oil Filter brands, you can check on their pages available below.

MANN Oil Filter

Among the three brands from different company, MANN HUMMEL encompasses to take another step to build another global filter brand came from their own company name.

The MANN-FILTER product line which offers a comprehensive range in OE matching quality for automotive aftermarket.

The MANN filters applications are available in a wide range of products for agricultural, construction and industrial filtration.

MANN-FILTER spin-on oil filters offers you to get:

  • Guaranteed first-class quality and problem-free handling
  • Installed with a return stop and bypass valve for oil filtering optimum performances
  • Used the most modern filter media prolong service
  • Matched perfectly to the relevant vehicle models.

Furthermore, manufacturing process of MANN Oil Filter uses technology the same with WIX Filters, so you can expect high quality MANN Oil Filters is acquired.

Let’s now, take a look at Mann Hummel’s acquired companies oil filter brands.


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