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Briggs and Stratton Oil Filter

Briggs & Stratton is an American oil filter manufacturers recognized globally. In fact, they belong to the Fortune 1000 list of manufacturers of gasoline engines. They are based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

This large firm has the capability to produce an average of 10 million units per year including their oil filter products. With the help of the 13 large facilities in U.S. and 8 more in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Briggs and Stratton products have reach over 100 countries all over the world.

Briggs & Stratton has more than 105 years in engine technology research manufacturing.

This oil filter brands distributed by Briggs and Stratton offered benefits such as:

  • Availability to selected Intek and Vanguard OHV engine application
  • Guaranteed OEM parts proper fit
  • Made in high quality filtration materials

A large Briggs and Stratton oil filter portfolio can be accessed in the firms’ official website online store. Available link is listed below.


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  • Briggs and Stratton Homepage
  • Briggs and Stratton Official Site
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MAHLE Oil Filter

Another automotive parts manufacturer from Germany is leading in the oil filter market industry. MAHLE GmbH is one of the largest suppliers worldwide for filtrations, electric, filtration, and thermal management.

MAHLE generated about €12.5 billion in the year 2018 and currently has more than 160 production plants globally.

The MAHLE oil filters provide advance features such as:

  • Different filter media used: specially treated papers, non-woven materials and multi-layer.
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Employed options of bypass and check valves
  • Guaranteed superior in quality
  • Installed Eco-version metal-free cartridges
  • Load peaks up to 20 bar

If you want to know more about MAHLE oil filters, log on to their official website pages. The links are listed here.

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KNECHT Oil Filter

KNECHT is brand distributed by Serfac Company. The firm was originally established in Germany in 1899. Filters such as air, oil and fuel filters are manufactured and distributed in the year 1929.

The company was the very first to used filter paper for engines in 1955.

Today, KNECHT is now part of one of the global leading manufacturers in filters and filters systems: the MAHLE Group.

The MAHLE Group take another step to combine this strong oil filter named to the MAHLE Original oil filter. Today, the are distributed as” KNECHT MAHLE oil filter.

“. KNECHT MAHLE oil filter or oftentimes called “KNECHT oil filter “, interchangeably is offer in a comprehensive range for passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

With MAHLE Group management, KNECHT company brand continuously to be distributed in the market.

The KNECT oil filters are marketed in large OE manufacturers, which includes BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford and etc.

Expect KNECT oil filters or KNECT MAHLE oil filters to have the same quality as the MAHLE Original oil filters.

To check on the oil filter brands marketed by MAHLE, check on the available link below.


  • KNECT Oil Filters Online Catalogue


The Champion Auto Parts manufacturers has been in the automotive manufacturing operation for over 110 years from now.  They are known leader in spark plug market for every kind of combustion engine.

Except for their spark plugs as their major products, the firm has taken another step to expand their product category and to include car maintenance product which includes filters, lighting and batteries.

Today, Champion oil filters brand is fully recognized in the market.

These are the advantages and features that can expect from Champion Oil Filters:

  • Upgraded high-strength filter media that can withstand harsh driving conditions
  • Recommended to replace 12,000 miles of intervals for synthetic oil users
  • Employed with premium components
  • Ensured to achieve up to 99% filtration efficiency

The following links to Champion Auto Parts official sites are listed to help further extend product information.

Additional Resources:

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