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Before we jump on with the highlight section of this featured article, this is a brief idea of what is an oil filter and its importance.

An oil filter is one among the kinds of filters in automotive industry. They play a vital role in improving engine’s.

Oil filter are designed to eliminates impurities and foreign particles from oil such as dirt, carbon and metal particles from the oil damage engine’s bearing, journal and cylinder wall surfaces.

The oil filter is commonly used in internal-combustion engines vehicles, light crafts, and around naval vessels. Aside from this, other vehicles such as automatic transmissions, power steering, jet craft also employed oil filters.

Having this wide range of oil filters used in automotive industry. Hence, opportunity and factors that open up a market for oil filters is quite overwhelming.

The Oil Filter Market Overview:

Recently, ABC7 releases a report about the latest published of “Automotive Oil Filter Market Analysis from 2019-2023”, by the Market Research Future.

According to the report, a notable CAGR of 5% has been marked for the forecast period of study.

Driving factors has given witness growth of the oil filter market. Such as:

  • Improvement in the automotive infrastructures
  • Global increase in the production and sales of vehicles
  • Growing demand of commercial vehicles for countries with improving economy
  • Rising purchasing power of people from China, Middle East and India
  • Easy replacement and low cost replacing parts for oil filters aftermarket

However, a possible treat that relevant to the enormous optimistic opportunity of the oil filter market has been considered.

These are the lacked of skilled labor, the growth in sales of electric vehicles and the step taken by major countries to phase out the internal combustion vehicles in the near future.

With the other type of engine vehicles that installed an oil filter, there is no way to be frightened to lose the market.

Most of the oil filters are recognized in its brand but not the manufacturer.

For the purpose of uniformity, some filters which is distribute as different brand from the company name, the company name is used.

Here are the listed the best oil filter manufacturers under OEM type of suppliers and compiled each oil filter to offer.

The List of the 29 TOP OEM Oil Filter Manufacturers:

  1. Fram Oil Filter
  2. K&N Oil Filters
  3. BOSCH Oil Filter
  4. TOYOTA Oil Filter
  5. Briggs and Stratton Oil Filter
  6. MAHLE Oil Filter
  7. KNECHT Oil Filter
  8. CHAMPION Oil Filter
  9. Hengst Oil Filter
  10. Delgrosso Oil Filter
  11. Sogefi Oil Filter
  12. MANN HUMMEL Oil Filter
  13. Purolator Oil Filters
  14. Wix Oil Filter
  15. FILTRON Oil Filter
  16. MAGNETI MARELLI Oil Filter
  17. UFI Group Oil Filter
  18. Ford Oil Filter
  19. Emgo Oil Filter
  20. AcDelco Duramax Oil Filter
  21. Denso Oil Filter
  22. Comline Oil Filter
  23. VALEO Oil Filter
  24. Kavo Oil Filter
  25. SCT Germany Oil Filter
  26. JAPANPARTS Oil Filter
  27. Hans Pries Oil Filter
  28. Bilstein Oil Filter
  29. VIEROL Oil Filter

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