Rain‑X Headlight Restoration Kit


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Rain‑X® Headlight Restoration Kit

Over time, headlight lenses become yellow and hazy from exposure to sun and other elements. This makes headlights less bright, making it harder for you to see the road and other drivers to see you.

The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit restores clarity to clear plastic by removing haze and discoloration. All the tools and treatments you need are included in one kit, making it easy to use. Clean, clarify, polish, and seal headlight lenses for improved visibility and long lasting effects.

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  • Helps restore clear plastic by removing haze and discoloration
  • Improves visibility with clearer headlight lenses
  • Multi-step kit provides a deeper cleaning process than single step products
  • Provides a deep clean to yellowed, hazed headlights with the use of a specially designed polish and sealant
  • Rain-X kit contains the lubricant and 3 grain-levels of sandpaper, polish with headlight restorer cream and sealant novelettes to finish the job
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