PORSCHE Engine Oil Filter Kit _ 958.115.562.00


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Product Description:

One of the most important components of your vehicle is its oil filter. Early engines didn’t have the tight tolerances and fragile technologies as they do today such as variable valve timing controlled by electronically controlled oil pressure. Instead, they were less complex, didn’t use oil filters, and ran on the poorest grade oil imaginable. Today there are various types of oil filters used and the truth is that they are not all created equal. Purchasing a high-quality Original Equipment oil filter is imperative as they conform to the highest industry standards designed by the manufacturers for your vehicle. For example, there are some aftermarket oil filters out there that used the poorest quality filter media material. The poor quality media tends to break down quickly under normal driving conditions and can actually induce particles into your oil instead of filtering them out. Small particles can make their way into the crankcase damaging crankshafts, bearings, and other high-dollar components. When choosing oil and an oil filter for your car, make sure you choose high-quality components, for your engine’s sake.

Product Information

  • Absolute accuracy of fit and stability
  • Best possible separation values
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Engine Oil Filter Failure Symptoms

  • Crumbling Filter Media
  • Torn Filter Media
  • Excessive dirt and contaminants in oil
  • Engine Failure

Additional information

Weight 0.038 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 cm

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For OE number: 958.115.562.00

Filter type: Filter Insert

Height [mm]: 112.0

Seal Diameter [mm]: 59.0

Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 24

Diameter [mm]: 52.5

Thickness [mm]: 3.0

Inner diameter 3 [mm]: 23.9

Weight [kg]: 0.038

Condition: new


Manufacturer: PORSCHE

PORSCHE Part Number: 958.115.562.00

OE & OEM Part’s: (Original Equipment & Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • BLUE PRINT Part Number: ADV182181, ADV182119
  • BOSCH Part Number: F 026 407 278, F 026 407 174
  • BRYMAN Part Number: 06L15562
  • CHAMPION Part Number: COF 100697E
  • febi bilstein Part Number: 100489, 109411
  • FILTRON Part Number: OE 688/2, OE 688/5
  • HENGST Part Number: E358H D246
  • K&N Part Number: –
  • KOLBENSCHMIDT Part Number: 50014598
  • MAHLE Part Number: OX 1217D, OX 835D
  • MANN Part Number: HU 6013 z, HU 6002 z
  • MEYLE Part Number: 100 322 0022
  • MULLER Part Number: FOP288
  • PORSCHE Part Number: 958.115.466.00, 958.115.562.00, 958.115.562.01
  • PURFLUX Part Number: L980
  • RIDEX Part Number: 7O0200
  • SWAG Part Number: 30 10 0489
  • Topran Part Number: 115 050
  • UFI Part Number: 25.153.00
  • VAICO Part Number: V10-2673
  • VALEO Part Number: 586616
  • WIX Part Number: WL7507

Item No. 958-115-562-01

Dim. (L * H * W): 6*12*6cm

Weight : 0.038kg

Quality: Aftermarket

Made in PRC

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Fits These Car

  • PORSCHE Macan (95B) (Year of Construction 07.2014 – …, 237 – 252 PS, Petrol)
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