PORSCHE Air Filter _ 95B 129 620 A


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Made in Poland


Product Description:

Like your home’s air filter, an engine’s air filter is there to filter out dirt, dust and other foreign matter. Did you know that most of the dirt in your engine enters in through a dirty air filter? Your engine’s air filter plays an important role as it prevents dirt from entering into the combustion chamber thus reducing the chances of internal damage and wear. A new air filter can increase airflow, improve overall engine performance, and in some cases add additional horsepower. Considering most of us drive in the harshest of conditions such as heavy idling in traffic, driving on dusty roads, and heavy towing, be sure to replace the air filter in your vehicle regularly.

Product Information

  • Absolute accuracy of fit and stability
  • Best possible separation and adsorption values
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Air Filter Failure Symptoms

  • Clogged filter media
  • Reduced engine performance
  • Internal Engine Damage

Additional information

Weight 0.652 kg
Dimensions 34.49 × 13.66 × 7.01 cm

PORSCHE Aftermarket Part's






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For OE number: 95B 129 620 A

Filter type: Filter Insert

Length [mm]: 260

Width [mm]: 193.5

Height [mm]: 112

Weight [kg]: 0.652

Condition: new


Manufacturer: PORSCHE

PORSCHE Part Number: 95B 129 620 A

OE & OEM Part’s: (Original Equipment & Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • BLUE PRINT Part Number: ADB220046
  • BOSCH Part Number: –
  • BRYMAN Part Number: –
  • DENCKERMANN Part Number: A141934
  • febi bilstein Part Number: 173611
  • FILTRON Part Number: –
  • HENGST Part Number: –
  • K&N Part Number: E-0660
  • KOLBENSCHMIDT Part Number: –
  • MAHLE Part Number: –
  • MANN Part Number: –
  • MEYLE Part Number: –
  • MULLER Part Number: PA3778
  • PORSCHE Part Number: 95B 129 620, 95B 129 620 A
  • PURFLUX Part Number: –
  • QUINTON HAZELL Part Number: –
  • SWAG Part Number: –
  • Topran Part Number: –
  • TRUCKTEC Part Number: –
  • UFI Part Number: –
  • VAICO Part Number: –
  • VALEO Part Number: –
  • WIX Part Number: –

Item No. 4054224736111

Dim. (L * H * W): 34.49*7.01*13.66cm

Weight .0.652kg

Quality: Aftermarket

Made in Poland

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Fits These Car

  • PORSCHE Macan (95B) (Year of Construction 02.2014 – …, 211 – 440 PS, Diesel, Petrol)
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