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Mothers Speed® Glass & Screen’s foaming mist won’t drip or run, and quickly cuts through grime, dirt, oily film and fingerprints, leaving behind a sparkling clean, streak-free shine, with minimal effort. This ammonia-free and tint-safe formula cleans even the toughest grime from glass, mirrors, plastic and chrome surfaces, yet it’s safe enough for window tint, gauges, GPS screens, smartphones, tablets, touchscreens and other displays. It’s also great for home use on windows, countertops, appliances, TVs and monitors.

Keeping the exterior glass clean is important for maintaining crystal clear vision when you’re out on the road. A clean windshield keeps drivers prepared in the event of bad weather, and it can also prevent damage along the glass. Dirt and debris can also make the wipers work harder and eventually tear them, making them less effective at clearing away heavy moisture. A thorough glass cleaning will help to prevent rapid wear and tear along the last and make your windshield wipers last longer.

Cleaning the windshield and windows is a quick and easy process. Just apply Mothers Speed® Glass & Screen Cleaner onto the surface and use a clean microfiber towel in a sweeping motion to spread the product evenly across the surface. Then flip the towel over to a dry side for a final wipe. For any hard to reach areas, we recommend applying the cleaner directly onto the towel so you won’t get it on other areas of the vehicle.

Our glass cleaner will remove deep-seated contaminants, filth and grime, leaving behind a crystal clear finish.

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19 oz. / 539 g


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  • Foaming mist won’t drip or run
  • Ammonia-free and tint safe formula
  • Works great on glass, mirrors, plastic and chrome surfaces, window tint, gauges and much more
  • Quickly cuts through grime and dirt
  • Leaves behind a streak-free shine
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