Micro Detailer MD Easy Coat Nano Ceramic


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Are coatings too expensive? Do coatings just take too much time to be worth it? Do you want to avoid re-branded, watered down coatings making sensational claims, potentially wasting your time and money?

We designed MD Easy CoatTM as a super-affordable, super easy-to-use Nano paint coating. MD Easy CoatTM affords you most of the benefits of high-priced ceramic coatings at a fraction of the cost. It can last up to 2 years*!

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  • Specialized particle structure, designed to maximize engineering toughness and eliminate the brittleness resulting from excessive hardness in many coating.
  • Forms a strong, three dimensional network of nano-sized particles, which fill pores not only on the surface, but below the surface, protecting it for 1 to 2 years*
  • Filling capacity of nanoparticles produces a deep, glossy shine and a slick, anti-static, virtually self-cleaning surface
  • Resists UV rays, high temperatures, detergents, extreme weather conditions, acids, salts, bugs, static adhesion
  • Additional coats are not necessary, but will increase performance

*Durability is affected by environment and maintenance practices and can vary widely as a result. Applying a second coat will increase performance.

Suggested usage amounts:

Standard size car or small SUV: 20-30 ml Large SUV or truck: 40-50ml

  • Durability under optimal conditions- 1 to 2 years.
  • Thickness (Single layer)- 1-3 µm.
  • Application Surfaces- Paint surfaces, exterior trim, allow wheel, head & tail lights, plated surface, glass.
  • Elapsed time before applying additional coat- 1-2 hours at room temperature.
  • Elapsed time before exposure to water- 12 hours.
  • Elapsed time before washing- 3 days.
  • Full cure time- 24 hours.
  • Suggestion maintenance (for optimal performance)- 1-Regularly hand wash with mild car shampoo and dry completely.2- Remove bird droppings within two days of soiling. 3- Additional wax or sealant not necessary or recommended.

Factors reducing performance- 1- Use of automated car washes. 2- Storing outside 24/7. 3- Installing incorrectly. 4- Allowing soil, road salt, grime to build up over many weeks without washing.

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