Meguiar’s M688 Nano Ceramic Coating


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This is the sealant commercially known as a “ceramic” or “vitrifying” sealant and technically known as a quartz sealant. The formula of this product is based on a mineral such as quartz from which silica is extracted. The innovation that distinguishes M688 from the rest of the sealants on the market is that a formula of mineral silica, extracted from quartz, and synthetic silica was developed to give the finished product greater durability. This is how we manage to obtain in our formula the silicon dioxide derived from quartz that, when melted at high temperatures and then cooled down, does not crystallize and manages to give a completely “vitrified” effect that is highly sought after by customers. While many sealants are derived from clay, or mixed in a% with silica, Ultra Paint Coat is superior in this content since it is derived from quartz in 100%. Regarding its application, we want to tell you that it is very simple but detailed.

Some of the benefits of this sealant are its transparency effect, its durability and its resistance to possible marks and scratches provided by the use of its patented formula of siloxane polymers (Siloxy (RO) 3SI) or a set of hydrogen molecules and derivatives of hydrocarbons commonly known as silicone) and silicon dioxide in its formulation. At the same time, it is a long-lasting product always measured by the treatment given to the vehicle; it is calculated for 12 months. Added to that it provides complete protection against UV rays and acid rain, and eliminates the fog effect that these cause on the paint. The hydrophobic effect was improved to 100% by encapsulating the water for subsequent drying.

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  • The professional coating system for long-term paint protection.
  • Creates a dramatic hydrophobic effect that forces water into beads and repels them from the surface.
  • Protects the paint from acid rain, industrial fallout, UV damage and marring from surface abrasion.
  • Creates a sacrificial barrier that does not haze, crack or peel even under extreme conditions.
  • New polymer enhanced siloxane formula delivers tough hydrophobic protection and extreme durability.
  • Increased resin content for darker gloss after application.
  • For maintenance, wash with a Meguiar’s pH balanced shampoo, dry and then use M69916 Deep Crystal Top Coat Maintenance Spray to boost gloss and coating’s hydrophobic effect.
  • Dedicated applicator for even application and streak reduction.
  • 60ml ceramic protection
  • Applicator
  • Protective gloves
  • Microfiber Clothing
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