HENDLEX GLASS Nano Ceramic Coating


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It is a hydrophobic coating for car windows. It improves the visibility of the road while raining and provides the surface with hydrophobic properties. This product creates an invisible, water-repellent and easily cleaned protective layer.

The coating makes easier windows cleaning from bugs, ice or other dirt. At speed above 65 km/h, wipers are almost unnecessary. Improved visibility increases safety on the road. In winter, the ice is removed from the window much faster and easier.

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  • The coating is long lasting (lasts up to 6 months).
  • At speed above 65 km/h, wipers are almost unnecessary.
  • The protective coating is non-slippery and invisible.
  • Coating is environment and human-friendly.

Application surfaces – Glass

Covered area – 50 ml for 10 m2, depending on the surface

Durability – Windscreen up to 6 months; side windows up to 1 year

Shelf life – 1 year

Water contact angle – 100°

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