CHAMPION Active Defence Engine Oil – 10W-40 _ 8210952


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Made in Belgium


Product Description

This is a semi synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. This oil is designed for the lubrication of four-stroke petrol and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans. The use of high-quality components ensures that the oil has a great fluidity at low temperature and a stable viscosity at high temperatures. Its low ash formulation is supplemented with an additional anti-oxidant, delivering outstanding performance and long service life.


This oil is used for most petrol and diesel engines, both normally aspirated and supercharged. It is particularly recommended for direct-injection diesel engines, such as Common Rail, HDI, CDI, etc. Because of its excellent viscosity index, it can be used all year round. It meets the latest requirements from both the American and European car manufacturers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Total engine protection: excellent engine cleanliness and durability.
  • Cold start: very good fluidity at low temperature.

Additional information

Weight 3.88 kg
Dimensions 29.8 × 10.5 × 21.5 cm







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For OE number: 8210952

Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 10W-40

Chemical Properties: Part Synthetic Oil

Specifications: Part Synthetic Oil, HC synth oil (hydro-cracked)

Approvals: ACEA: A3/B3-10, ACEA: A3/B4-08, API: SN/CF, MB: 229.1

Color: –

Content [litre]: 4

Weight [kg]: 3.88

Condition: new


Manufacturer: CHAMPION

CHAMPION Part Number: 8210952

OE & OEM Part’s: (Original Equipment & Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • WOLF Part Number. 8310294

Item No. 5413048210952

Dim. (L* H*W): 29.8*21.5*10.5cm

Weight : 3.88kg

Quality: Genuine

Made in Belgium

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