BMW Tension Strut, Front Axle L _ MEYLE 316 050 0027/HD


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Product Description:

Updated tension strut for newer model X3’s, will also require updated ball joint

Your BMW’s tension struts are an integral part of the front suspension. This control arm is essentially tasked with locating the front suspension. The most common failure of this control arm occurs when the inner bushing fails which causes play in the front suspension. The bushing can be replaced but it requires a bushing press with the correct adapters. More times than not it is simpler and easier to just replace the entire assembly with the bushing pre-pressed in.

For vehicles built before 12/2006 that still have the original control arms installed will require updated ball joint, part number 31103438623. The newer tension struts have a thicker mounting area for the ball joint compared to the originals making the original style ball joints too small.

Suspension Control Arm

Control arms are crucial link in a vehicle’s suspension connecting the suspension to a vehicle’s subframe. These pieces are usually hinged to allow for suspension to travel and articulate as the vehicle rides over obstructions in the road and while the vehicle turns. Many vehicles such as those with independent suspensions have multiple links and feature several connection points and arms to offer better ride quality and comfort.

As bushings and joints in a control arm begin to wear you may notice a looseness feel in your suspension. And while many arms have replaceable and serviceable individual components, many still require the replacement of the entire arm. Below are signs of when a replacement control arm may be needed:

Suspension Control Arm Failure Symptoms

  • Play in suspension joints where these arms meet the subframe and/or knuckle
  • Buckling noise emanating from the suspension
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Inability to properly align vehicle
  • Shudder or vibration coming from the steering wheel at highway speed
  • Wandering or pulling sensation from side to side felt on the steering wheel

Product Information

  • Robust construction for perfect function
  • Optimal fitting accuracy for easier repairs
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Additional information

Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 14 × 10.5 cm







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For OE number: 31 10 3 443 127

Fitting Position: Front, Front Axle Left

Control/Trailing Arm Type: Control Arm

Supplementary Article/Info 2: With Rubber Mounting

Material: Steel

Length [mm]: 444

Reinforced version

Paired article number: MEYLE 316 050 0028/HD

Replacement in pairs recommended

Weight [kg]: 3.15

Condition: new


Manufacturer: MEYLE

MEYLE Part Number: 316 050 0027/HD

OE & OEM Part’s: (Original Equipment & Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • B.S Part Number: 211593
  • BMW Part Number: 31 10 0 363 477, 31 10 2 229 523, 31 10 3 412 137, 31 10 3 443 127
  • BRYMAN Part Number: 31102137
  • BSG Part Number: BSG 15-315-066
  • CORTECO Part Number: 49399993
  • DELPHI Part Number: TC2624, TC1483
  • FAG Part Number: 821 1028 10
  • FAI AUTOPARTS Part Number: SS5659
  • febi bilstein Part Number: 27212
  • GSP Part Number: S060094
  • LEMFÖRDER Part Number: 31178 01
  • MAPCO Part Number: 51630
  • Metzger Part Number: 58020401
  • MEYLE Part Number: 316 050 0027/HD, 316 050 0107/HD, 316 050 0077/HD
  • MONROE Part Number: L11562
  • OCAP Part Number: 0392724
  • RIDEX Part Number: 771R0155, 273C0660, 772S0155
  • SIDEM Part Number: 21256
  • SKF Part Number: VKDS 328567
  • SPIDAN CHASSIS Part Number: 58060
  • SWAG Part Number: 20 92 7212
  • Topran Part Number: 501 483
  • TRUCKTEC Part Number: 08.31.163
  • TRW Part Number: JTC1128
  • VAICO Part Number: V20-7204, V20-2801, V20-2833

Item No. 4040074473146

Dim. (L * H * W): 50*10.5*14cm

Weight : 3.15kg

Quality: OE

Made in Germany

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Fits These Car

  • BMW X3 (E83) (Year of Construction 11.2003 – 12.2011, 136 – 286 PS, Diesel, Petrol)
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