BMW Link / Coupling Rod, Stabilizer L _ MEYLE 316 060 0018/HD


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Made in Turkey


Product Description:

Connects the stabilizer bar to the suspension

Sway bar links, also called stabilizer bar links, are an often overlooked replacement item on most cars. Their main purpose is to attach the sway bar to the suspension as well as to “load” the sway bar when your BMW is in a corner. With age and high mileage, the sway bar link ball joints can wear out which results in front end play which can usually be heard when you travel over bumps at slow speed. We always recommend replacing sway bar links in pairs for the best service life and performance.

This HD variant from MEYLE offers a larger sway bar link with even larger ball joints. This more robust design offers a longer service life and better performance.

Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link

Sway Bar links/stabilizer bar links connect the sway bar to the chassis and are an often overlooked replacement item. With age sway bar links, particularly links with ball joints, can develop play and will make knocking noises over bumps or when rocking the vehicle from side to side. If your sway bar links are in rough shape, we recommend immediate replacement to restore handling. Always replace sway bar links in pairs.

Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Failure Symptoms

  • Clunking over bumps
  • Clunking during turns
  • Excessive Body Roll

Additional information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 34 × 6 × 4.1 cm







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For OE number: 31 30 3 414 299

Fitting Position: Front Axle Left

Rod/Strut: Coupling Rod

Length [mm]: 300

Thread Size 1: M10x1.5

Thread Size 2: M10x1.5

Supplementary Info: Quality

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with spanner attachment

Reinforced version

Replacement in pairs recommended

Paired article number: MEYLE 316 060 0019/HD

Weight [kg]: 0.37

Condition: new


Manufacturer: MEYLE

MEYLE Part Number: 316 060 0018/HD

OE & OEM Part’s: (Original Equipment & Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • B.S Part Number: 260427
  • BMW Part Number: 31 30 3 413 201, 31 30 3 414 299
  • BRYMAN Part Number: 31304299
  • BSG Part Number: BSG 15-310-065
  • CORTECO Part Number: 49399077
  • DELPHI Part Number: TC1478
  • FAG Part Number: 818 0160 10
  • febi bilstein Part Number: 27195, 280167
  • GSP Part Number: S050072
  • LEMFÖRDER Part Number: 27168 02
  • MAPCO Part Number: 51639, 51639HPS
  • Metzger Part Number: 53012611
  • MEYLE Part Number: 316 060 0077, 316 060 0018/HD
  • MONROE Part Number: L11628
  • NK Part Number: 5111519
  • RIDEX Part Number: 3229S0423, 772S0155
  • SIDEM Part Number: 21366
  • SKF Part Number: VKDS 348527
  • SPIDAN CHASSIS Part Number: 57718
  • SWAG Part Number: 20 92 7195
  • Topran Part Number: 501 000
  • TRUCKTEC Part Number: 08.31.182
  • TRW Part Number: JTS508
  • VAICO Part Number: V20-7200, V20-2833

Item No. 4040074433621

Dim. (L * H * W): 34*4.1*6cm

Weight . 0.37kg

Quality: OE

Made in Turkey

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Fits These Car

  • BMW X3 (E83) (Year of Construction 11.2003 – 12.2011, 136 – 286 PS, Diesel, Petrol)
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