BMW Control Arm Front Axle L _ LEMFÖRDER 39256 01


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Made in Germany


Product Description:

Securely in contact with the wheels

LEMFÖRDER provides many different, vehicle-specific types of control arms, also for complex axle constructions: from guide rods, track rods and tension struts via control arms through to suspension ball joints or supporting joints. In the case of independent suspensions, the wheel carrier can be connected to the vehicle body with up to five control arms. Depending on the customer requirement, the components are either set up for comfortable or dynamic driving properties. Depending on the construction type, either 2-point links, 3-point links or, on rare occasions, 4-point links are used. Besides steel control arms, LEMFÖRDER also develops and manufactures light, premium aluminum control arms for cars and vans.

The control arms undertake the task of wheel guidance and frequently also transfer spring, damper and stabilizer forces.

LEMFÖRDER guiding and supporting control arms

Depending on the function that a control arm assumes, either a guiding control arm or a supporting control arm is used for wheel guidance. A guiding control arm absorbs braking, driving and lateral forces. A supporting control arm supports the vehicle weight additionally. Moreover, it takes over the suspension and damping functions in the body and is designed to be more stable. Supporting control arms are often used by automotive manufacturers in the lower level of double wishbone axles and multilink rear suspensions.

LEMFÖRDER control arms offer many advantages

  • Accurate wheel guidance
  • Increased driving comfort due to vibration damping
  • Precise individual steering behavior which increases driving safety
  • Perfect wheel guidance and control arm connection due to precisely adjusted ball joints and link mounts

A defective control arm can manifest in the following ways:

  • Noise (squeaking, creaking, rumbling)
  • Deteriorating driveability
  • Increasingly woolly and imprecise steering
  • Uneven tyre wear

Tip: If the control arm is in working order, it is possible to only replace the defective bearings and joints. However, replacing bearings, control arm bushings and ball joints can be very complex and costly.

Additional information

Weight 1.918 kg
Dimensions 40 × 9 × 15 cm

ZF Friedrichshafen AG


Blue, White




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For OE number: 31 10 6 861 169

Fitting Position: Front Axle; Left; Lower; Rear

Control/Trailing Arm Type: Control Arm

Material: Aluminum

Paired article number: LEMFÖRDER 39257 01

Replacement in pairs recommended

Weight [kg]: 1.918

Condition: new


Manufacturer: ZF Friedrichshafen AG

LEMFÖRDER Part Number: 39256 01

OE & OEM Part’s: (Original Equipment & Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • B.S Part Number: 212274
  • BMW Part Number: 31 10 6 861 169, 6 861 169
  • BRYMAN Part Number: 31101177
  • BSG Part Number: BSG 15-315-170
  • DYS Part Number: 26-28020
  • FAG Part Number: 821 0837 10
  • LEMFÖRDER Part Number: 39256 01
  • Metzger Part Number: 58114301
  • MEYLE Part Number: 316 050 0153
  • SIDEM Part Number: 21952
  • SPIDAN CHASSIS Part Number: 50222
  • VAICO Part Number: V20-3354

Item No. 4047437479104

Dim. (L * H * W): 40*15*9cm

Weight : 1.918kg

Quality: OE

Made in Germany

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Fits These Car

  • BMW 7 (G11, G12) (Year of Construction 09.2015 – …, 211 – 450 PS, Diesel, Diesel/Electro, Petrol, Petrol/Electro)
  • BMW 6 Gran Turismo (G32) (Year of Construction 06.2017 – …, 163 – 360 PS, Diesel, Diesel/Electro, Petrol, Petrol/Electric)
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