Genuine BMW Power Steering Components
Electronic Power Steering
Electric Power Steering is a technology from BMW Efficient Dynamics. It enables precise and comfortable control of the vehicle in every situation and helps to noticeably reduce fuel consumption.
In contrast to conventional power steering, the Electric Power Steering from BMW is not a hydraulic system, but an intelligent solution based on an electric motor. The advantage is the engine is only in use when power steering is needed – during actual steering manoeuvres. When driving straight ahead, which, statistically, makes up 90% of the journey, it remains inactive and thus doesn’t consume any energy. The result is the Electric Power Steering reduces the vehicle’s average consumption by about 0.3 l/100 km and thus plays an important role in improving efficiency. Maintenance and environmental impact are dramatically lowered by the omission of hydraulic oil.

Electric Power Steering provides an optimal steering feeling, reacts to gentle nudges and the active yaw dampers consistently balance out the oscillating movements. The optional Sport button allows the driver to change the steering settings to his preferences at any time.

Depending on the model, the steering system can be combined with the Servotronic. This adjusts the steering power permanently according to the current speed. This involves calculating the aid necessary at a particular speed and setting the motor of the Electric Power Steering appropriately. So steering at low speeds, e.g. when driving through tight, curving alleys, requires only minimal effort. As speed increases, the power steering is continuously reduced to ensure more direct contact with the road and thus directional stability.