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MAHLE Performance, Precision, Perfection

MAHLE knows their way around a combustion engine. You could say it’s their playground. Over time, the name MAHLE has become synonymous with performance, precision and perfection.

Mahle began in 1920 when pistons made of heavy gray cast iron were being used in internal combustion engines for automobiles and there was a need for a new design. The Mahle brothers countered this trend by producing light-alloy pistons at their small, newly established company however the technology was still finicky and problems come up frequently. They soon determined that they needed to come up with a solution to keep dirt and dust out of the engine so they eventually developed air and oil filters as well. Their perseverance paid off and the light-alloy pistons began to take over the market. Today, half of all automobiles produced worldwide contain MAHLE components. MAHLE offers an extensive range of parts for everyone including pistons, cylinder liners, piston ring sets, bearings, assemblies, valves, valve train components, and air, oil, fuel, and cabin air filters. Their catalog and online database of aftermarket engine components is an indispensable reference.

MAHLE Racing

Some of the most successful teams in racing use MAHLE parts including Formula 1, Le Mans, and truck racing. With more than 140 of the world’s most renowned engine and vehicle manufacturers using MAHLE components and filters, you can trust them to deliver OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality along with aftermarket performance.

Ernest Mahle’s motto is one that still holds true today – “We can always do everything a little better.” That’s a mission that MAHLE absolutely will not compromise. You simply won’t find a company that is more devoted to providing top quality.

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