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Wahler is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for a variety of automotive manufactures, which include Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Saab. Wahler specializes in temperature and exhaust management for automotive engines. Wahler’s innovation has direct ties to the improving performance of the automotive power plant by improving temperature management, be it coolant, air or oil.

Since 1902, Wahler has built its reputation with technically complex thermostats and thermos-solutions for automotive and industrial applications. For a short time, Borg Warner managed Wahler products. In 2020, Borg Warner sold all of the thermostat production facilities back to Wahler. Today, Wahler is back as an independent brand supplying worldwide OEMs with thermostats, electronic thermostats, thermoswitches and electric valves.

Wahler is known for its thermostats. In order to maintain a wide base of customers, the company creates a variety of different thermostats. These different types of thermostats include: thermostat inserts, which are designed to have accurate coolant control as well as integrated thermostats that are fully integrated into an automobile’s engine. Other thermostat parts include electrically heated thermostats, map-controlled sleeve valve thermostats, electromotoric thermostats, and thermoswitches. Basically, any kind of thermostat an automobile would need, Wahler produces.

With Wahler, the original and replacement parts are identical. This means that Wahler-made parts are the same quality as the original issue used by automakers. The Wahler brand stands for premium quality. Wahler aftermarket parts come with the same assurances with respect to service life and operational reliability.

Wahler OEM innovation and quality

The company’s products are tested for quality control, and Wahler continues to innovate in the area of thermostats. In fact, Wahler has received quality awards from its clients, including Volkswagen, GM, Ford and Fiat. Consumers know that when they choose Wahler, they’re getting a high quality product.

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